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Perfect for programmers code on the computer and instantly run their work on GAMBOY, GAMBOY POCKET and COLOR GAMBOY system. For all student & programmers to start projects on GAMBOY. GB SMART DRIVE is a perfect for non-official game developers who wants to try. programming on the GAMELY format but do not have the hardware available yet. GB SMART DRIVE works with out connecting to a PC. Works with 4' AA' Batteries. Or buy standard 500MA 6V to 20V AC/DC Adapter anywhere. So portable you can work in the car, on a trip , at school, or anywhere.

Download your own game cartridge into floppy disk and change codes into your PC. Support all SRAM format from 1M to 32M game cartridge . Can download / upload your battery save data from cartridge to floppy disk and e-mail your high record to your friends in seconds.

Comment 1: This is the only commercially available GameBoy programmable cartridge that I know of (old info - ed.). It contains 4 MegaBits of storage capacity and has software to store up to 4 different programs in this storage space. I unit I purchased was made by China Coach Limited. When it originally arrived, it came with out a power supply and software. There were two pieces. A base unit that connects to a PC parallel port, and the programmable cartridge that actually is used with the GameBoy. There was also a message that they were out of software diskettes and they would email me the software. When I finally received the software several hours later, the first thing I noticed was that the software said, 'Printer Port Error!' I wasn't sure if this was because I had a 100MHz Pentium or not. I tried the unit on every x86 Intel chip about ever made so I was further confused. On a brighter note, I could tell by looking at the software that a tremendous amount of time and effort was put into it so I was pretty darn sure that this was not a 'bogus' product, but that something simple was probably the source of my problems. I was talking to someone that told me that early versions of the software are very timing sensitive and that he had a later version of one of the pieces of software if I wanted it. I immediately requested this and he sent it pronto. This seems to have cured the problem of reading the Smart Card so I feel much better already. Please note that when reading 'snapshots' from your computer that they MUST be in the form of 'GB*.GB' (For example ''.) You will get a 'File Format error!' if you don't. I now have what I believe to be the latest version that I have modified to only display files in the format 'GB*.GB' since that is the only format the software recognizes.

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