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It is probably a Pro Fighter Q clone, or pretty similar. Sadly, I do not have the box. The unit was bought second hand, and the seller had bought it second hand in his turn. I have no clue where it is bought in the first place. On the side facing downwards there is a broken seal over a screw-hole: NO GUARANTEE IF S ... DAMAGED and some chinese text below it. Some short tech. spec. of the unit: European PAL tested SWC, SMC, FIG, MGD format tested 16M DRAM 256K SRAM Floppy Drive Powered by SNES No PC-port (same as Pro Fighter) Does not require a game cart to run backups (Like Pro Fighter Q) The software says PRO. FIGHTER Q. at the top of the screen, (I dont know what a real pro fighter Q screen looks like) and (c) 1993 USA at the bottom. Menus in english only Goldfinger cheat Dump Cart to Floppy, Read/Write SRAM, Delete and Rename Files Some theories of mine: It is possible that the pro.9 is some sort of misinterpretation of pro.q The eprom with window seems to indicate that this unit was not mass-produced (at least not my unit) I really think that this unit is manufactured in China although I can not find any note about any country. Most components are brand names (sony, panasonic, hitachi, intel, varta) and the unit looks kind of high quality. The board seem pretty well built and someone wrote "OK" at the bottom right of the board. Many thanks to Jonas Norberg for the info and pics.

Hyp pro9