Produced: 1989 or 1990 -
Save states:
Slow motion:
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Loading a Sega Mega Drive game with Multi Game Doctor 1

Loading a Sega Mega Drive game with Multi Game Doctor 1

Comment 1: Released in 1989, with a series of unique adaptors, this unit is able to backup games for SNES, Mega Drive and PC Engine!!

Comment 2: Two piece type, one is main unit, connected to the disk drive via a cable, or you can buy a special cable with software and use your IBM's disk drive. comes in 4M or 8M memory. the RAM is built into the main unit, connecting via cable and an interface cartridge, the flat cable is easy to break. Right now only have interface for Mega Drive, PC-Engine, and Super Famicom.

Comment by Kyuusaku: The MGD1 does not backup Famicom games. It has a FC cart slot so users could play backed up PCE/MD/SFC games off FDS disks (having to switch disks 16 times for a 8m game.. ouch) Bung later released the 3.5" floppy (which supports 1.44mb disks!) The drive is really not that huge, Bung just has a habit of making stuff big.. inside theres just a normal PC floppy no special interface like the GDSF/MGDII. There were actually two versions of the MGD1, the old black version and a silver/grey newer version which is packaged with a moreso streamline floppy drive. Just a random fact about the MGD1: inside of it, like 90% of the space is used by stacked RAM boards, the MGD uses 32x32k RAM chips. Purdy stupid. There are backup adapters for the system.

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