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Super wild card Super nintendo Snes

Super wild card Super nintendo Snes

SNES Super Wild Card-0

SNES Super Wild Card-0

SNES Super Wild Card

SNES Super Wild Card (Peter Mui) writes on how to make the cable to transfer files between a PC and a SWC. Get a RS232 DB M/M 25 pin cable. Remove pins 12, 14, 15, and 16. This removes the volts sent by the computer when it is turned off. For an Amiga to SWC cable, get an assembled RS232 DB 25 M/M and switch the wires from pin 1 to 13 on one end. You will have to connect the modified end to the Amiga and the unmodified end to the SWC. For more information on proper assembly, contact Peter.

Prices were e.g. $280 for a Super Wild Card 16MB and Super Wild Card 24MB was about $355

FFe (the makers of the SWC) has released the "Turbo Upgrade Kit" for current SWC systems. It consists of a 24MB ram board, DOS 2.6CC, and a U12 18CV8 Peel. Estimated costs are between $135-$150. Check with your dealer for possible trade-in's of current 16MB ram boards for credit.

SWC16 Swc28box Hk SWCSMS3201 Instructions-s Hk SWCSMS3201 Instructions

3201 81473.1 81473.2

Swc28cc Swc16x Swc16xc Ucon644 Swc screen Swc screen2