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Comment 1: This copier is made by FFE, and came out in 1994. It is considered to be one of the best back-up units for the SNES. Compared to its sequel (the SWC DX2) it has better music, more GFX and better logos. Unlike the SWC DX2, it only supports a disk drive, not a CD/Zip/Hard drive.

It is expandable to 96Mbits, which is fine considering most SNES games don't get bigger than 32Mbits. It has 256K Battery backup RAM for game saves, and can support DSP games with a plug-in. You can link it to your computer via an I/O serial link. Again, as with the SWC DX2, this has an optional power supply, as some SNES's aren't powerful enough to run a disk drive.

You can choose from 10 different languages, including English (phew!). You can even play -Pan-'s built in Shingles game, and see a cool demo/intro. From the step between the SWC 2.8CC and this, the SWC DX, FFE again claim that there are improved real-time SRAM save mode routines. There are all sorts of program and BRAM transfer/editing functions, disk format options, and 256 color PCX picture viewer functions to keep all you non-PC owners happy.

The password function supports current FFE, Goldfinger, Pro Action Replay, and Game Genie codes. Just like an actual AR cartridge, the SWC DX also lets you search for your own codes with games, while you play them! The self-test function helpfully lets you know when something's wrong, or broken.

As stated, the configurable GUI menu is great! Choose between cool music, and clunky sound effects. Surprise your friends by entering a personal message! The auto load function means that a disk will load without having to press any buttons. This gets annoying if you forget a disk is in the drive though!

Comment about the '96 upgrade ROM: This replacement ROM will upgrade the SWC DX's ROM BIOS and add a new DX96 logo and background tiles. Its the latest ROM for the SWC DX.

SWC DX logo.jpg Swcdxscreen.jpg Dxanim.gif Dx96.gif Swc dx screen.jpg SWC DX3201 Copier-15.jpg

SWCdx.jpg Dxbox.jpg Wildcardx.jpg Hk-super wildcard1.jpg Hk-super wildcard5.jpg Swcinfo.jpg Swcdx-b.jpg

Hk-super wildcard2.jpg Hk-super wildcard3.jpg Hk-super wildcard4.jpg File:Dx.jpg

SWC DX3201 Copier-01.jpg SWC DX3201 Copier-02.jpg SWC DX3201 Copier-03.jpg SWC DX3201 Copier-04.jpg SWC DX3201 Copier-05.jpg SWC DX3201 Copier-06.jpg SWC DX3201 Copier-07.jpg SWC DX3201 Copier-08.jpg SWC DX3201 Copier-09.jpg SWC DX3201 Copier-10.jpg SWC DX3201 Copier-11.jpg SWC DX3201 Copier-12.jpg SWC DX3201 Copier-13.jpg SWC DX3201 Copier-14.jpg